Organize Your Recipies with Cook’n Software Review

Cook’N Recipe Organizer is an all-in-one program that is designed to help you find recipes easily and quickly. It even has a feature that allows you to write in your own recipes as well as capture recipes from other websites to save in the program. With so many features it can easily become your go-to program for finding, storing, writing, sharing and printing recipes. You can also find out the nutritional information of recipes and print out shopping lists.

Key Features of Cook’n Recipe Organizer

  • Write and save your own recipe.
  • Store recipes found online with a few clicks
  • Built in search engine and browser
  • Sync to some portable devices
  • Print recipes in your database
  • Make a family cookbook
  • Menu plan up to four weeks at a time
  • Find the nutrition values of every recipe
  • Make and print shopping lists
  • 200% Money Back Guarantee
  • And more!
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It’s available for both MAC and PC as well as the ability to sychronize on the iPhone, iPad and Android phones. This means you’ll have access to your recipes even on the go. This a great feature if you’ve forgotten your shopping list, or there is a sale for an item and you need a recipe for it.

Additional Services Available:
There are even add-on services available (though not required): Cook’n club, binders, cards, and cookbooks that you import right into your database. While they do cost extra there is an option to pay a small fee monthly (or yearly) and you get a free cookbook each month. These services can be viewed here.

My opinion of Cook’n software:

I was lucky enough to review this software and have spent the past week using it to organize my massive online internet recipe folder as well as trying some of the recipes that came with it. When you purchase the software the company does include a free cookbook which has various recipes from Taste of Home and other major recipe publications. This helps to not only get you started, but it gives you a taste of the other types of cookbooks available.

I watched the videos and read the tutorials prior to using the software, so I found it rather easy to use. Whether or not it’s necessary would depend on the individual person, but either way I didn’t feel lost when using the interface. I was able to quickly search the internet, and with a few clicks I stored them right into the software.

 Here is a more in depth video on how to use the Cook’n Recipe Organizer

Cook’n software once set-up is super easy to use. It means I can spend less time hunting around for recipes, making my meal plans and making sure the meals will meet the nutritional needs of my family. It did take me some time to get all of my recipes put into the software, but I was also adding in over 500 of my favorite online recipes and those I’ve personally written.

I can tell you that I’ll continue to use the program and I’m also looking at purchasing the additional cookbooks in the future. The price per cookbook is very reasonable, and far less expensive than purchasing hard copies. I may even join the Cook’n Club to take advantage of some of those features too.

The wonderful creators of Cook’n club have offered to sponsor a giveaway to one of my lucky readers. The prize is a full copy of Cook’n which is valued at $79.95, or if you don’t want to wait you can enter in the code mb-litsweet at checkout for 50% off!

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  • Mama Chocolate

    I have been searching for a way to more easily make menu plans and get organized. I think this could help me a lot!!

  • Samantha

    my husband would love this- he is our chef 😛

  • cissy

    recipes at my fingertips. LOVE IT!

  • Beck Valley Books

    What a great idea, no more messy cookbooks with fingerprints all over !!

  • Connie

    I love to cook and this program is just what I need. I have tons of hand-written recipes in my cabinet. I need to get them organized. I would love to win this. You did an amazing job with the review. I have deleted my Facebook account but I am following you on Google+

  • Mama.Mommy.Mom.

    Creating my shopping list is my least favorite part about cooking, especially when I'm buying for several recipes at once. Having something to help me with that would be awesome!Jamie @

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    YAY! I won! Thanks for reviewing and hosting!