Medicare Supplement Plan N eligibility and enrollment

Like other Medigap plans, you’re only eligible to Register in Plan if:

  • You are enlisted in the Medicare Part A and Part B.
  • There is a Plan N readily available in your service location.
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The very best time to register in Medigap Plan N is throughout your Medigap Open Enrollment Period, that’s the six-month period that automatically starts on the first day of the month that you’re either 65 or older and enrolled in Medicare Part B.  In this period period, you own a guaranteed-issue right to enroll in virtually any Medigap plan available in your service area, no matter any preexisting conditions, or disabilities you might have. Insurance companies are not permitted to reject you based on your medical status or charge you more if you have health problems. After your Medigap Open Enrollment Period is over, you might have significantly more difficulty enrolling in a Medicare Supplement plan (or switching plans) if you have health issues. Insurance providers are also allowed to use medical malpractice after this era and might charge you higher premiums based on your health status. You might also be denied coverage entirely due to your health status.

Do you’ve got questions concerning Medigap Plan N and whether it may work for the situation? Don’t hesitate to use our e-health plan finder tool to compare Plan N or other Medigap options in your location: Enter your zip code into the tool with this page to begin. If you need urgent information, contact eHealth to talk to a licensed insurance professional and get answers for your Medicare questions.

Pre-existing conditions are often health conditions that existed until the start of an insurance plan. They may limit policy, be excluded from the policy, and even prevent you from getting approved for a policy nonetheless, the exact definition and relevant limitations or exclusions of coverage could vary with each policy, therefore check a specific plan’s official plan records to understand the way that plan manages pre-existing ailments.

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